21 6 / 2013

Please pray for Calgary and Southern Alberta

I live in Calgary and we are in a State of Emergency due to horrible flooding because of all the rain we have been getting recently. Over 125,00 people have already been evacuated and they are expecting more. Roads are closed, Bridges are covered in water and EVERY school in the city is shut down including all the universities, and the animals in the zoo are expected to be evacuated.

The first picture is of the Calgary stampede which was expected to open for the annual run in 2 weeks but now the grounds have been completely covered in water. Our NHL team the Calgary flames play in the Saddledome located on the Stampede grounds. Reports have stated that the Saddledome is Flooded to the 14th rows.

Many of my family and friends have been evacuated but I can’t see them due to the road closures. If you live in Calgary please STAY HOME. DO NOT GO OUT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE FLOODING. STAY SAFE WITH YOUR FAMILIES.

If you do not live in Calgary or Southern Alberta, Please pray for us.

Calgary we WILL pull through this!!!

For up to date information on the floods visit the City of Calgary website or twitter account as well as the Calgary police twitter page